Merlin Systems Limited is a Software House, specialising in the design, development and implementation of Process Control and Management Systems for industrial and commercial applications. The company was established in 1980 and has developed into a quality supplier of integrated systems, with our Head Office in Wrexham, North Wales. During this time, Merlin has gained vast experience of control, automation, and supervisory processes, in many, varied industries.

Our engineering design team consists of Software and Commissioning Personnel, all with expertise in a broad range of systems ranging from basic PLC and PC based SCADA, through to more complex, product traceability and High-Level Management Information Systems. We are approved Systems Integrators for several leading hardware and software manufacturers and can willingly provide recommendations and references to that effect.


In addition to the design and implementation of software systems, by using the services of other companies within the same group, Merlin Systems can provide our clients with a seamless method of support to complete Turnkey Projects, including:

  • Functional Design
  • Original Equipment Design Drawings (CAD)
  • Control Equipment Manufacture
  • System Design and Software Development
  • Pre-commissioning prior to inspection
  • Client Inspection and Factory Acceptance
  • Installation at the Client’s Premises
  • Process and System Commissioning
  • Operator/Maintenance Training
  • Complete Documentation

With this approach, we can maintain a single source of responsibility, essential for successful Project Management and using the resource available, we are able to undertake work both throughout the United Kingdom and overseas. Furthermore, we understand and can operate within the bounds of various contract management systems, should this method of work be required, allowing Merlin to handle the Project Management and Commercial controls required by many industries.


Over the past 40 years, Merlin Systems has been closely involved with many companies and has built an extensive client base covering various industries both in the UK and overseas.

The following are examples of industries in which Merlin Systems has undertaken projects:
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Dosing and Chlorination Control
  • ChemicalsPharmaceuticals
  • Food Industry
  • Animal Feed Manufacture
  • Grain and Feed Handling Systems
  • Material Handing/Packaging
  • Minerals and Excavation
  • Roadstone Batch Coating and Premix Systems
  • Coal Reclamation and Processing
  • Electricity/Power Supply Industry
  • Energy Management
  • Steel Manufacturing Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Various other Manufacturing Industries

In a similar manner, Merlin has developed systems, using a broad range of hardware and software.

With software developed over many years, the company has a policy of code standardisation and re-use, reducing development time and improving project timescales. Software is continually being refined and updated to cope with the demands of our clients and the requirements of current legislation, IEC-1131.

Merlin takes seriously, the concerns of process operatives and system users when developing Operator Interface and SCADA systems. Where possible, standard symbol sets are used, providing a common look and feel graphical interface panels and workstations. Making equipment easy to use whilst retaining powerful system tools which provide essential business information.



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