The CEMA Group started as CEMA Ltd which was founded by Frank Ciaurro in 1987 in Nottingham. CEMA Ltd quickly grew to become one of the leading electrical engineering companies in the United Kingdom, specialising in understanding and meeting the requirements of the UK market.
As customer requirements evolved, the CEMA Group aimed to meet those needs by expanding existing resources and skillsets and acquiring and developing complementary businesses throughout the UK and India.

The group delivers a pioneering range of essential services for the entire UK.

From the design, build, install and commission of small roadside electrical pump control panels to international airport asset management, the group recognises the diversity of requirements from its clients and provides a broad platform of skill sets for sharing its best practices and capabilities.

Over the years, the group has built up a reputation that has continually focused on safety, delivery, efficiency, and service as well as innovative, bespoke, and standard designs. With a turnover of over £40m in 2021, this now means that as a group, CEMA can improve even further by being able to commit to profitable growth with continual internal and external development.

CEMA Group is an employer to more than 300 skilled specialists, working across the UK and India.

As a Group, we recognise that engaging and empowering our people to deliver and grow is important to driving our business forward to achieve continued success. We are committed to creating a workplace in which our people feel valued, supported, and fulfilled. We also try to listen to our people, to provide feedback and keep them engaged and informed.

Equally important is the development of a resilient and sustainable workforce that is equipped to deliver on our promises to clients. Through our extensive apprenticeship programme, we work with the colleges and universities to create the next generation of highly skilled, forward-thinking, customer-focused and technically competent people, who can help us to continually develop our core capabilities. Across each of our businesses, a broad range of recognition and reward schemes are designed to highlight the achievements and successes of our people and to thank them for their hard work and dedication.



To be the best designer, builder and supplier of essential systems that safely keeps critical infrastructure both secure and operational throughout the UK.


1. To provide long term, innovative, bespoke or standard solutions for critical infrastructure.

2. To deliver and maintain reliable margins and cash flow.

3. To maintain a healthy profit growth through investment in our systems, people and group of companies.

4. To maximise efficiency by sharing resource, common functionalities and best practices and be equipped to deliver on our promises to clients.


1. To provide and practice the best levels of Health and Safety for our people and customers.

2. To provide the best service and delivery for our customers.

3. To invest in all our people to give them the best chance to deliver the best for us and our customers.

4. To behave respectfully and honestly, maintaining accountability in the way we work.



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